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Sport in Bellaria

Walking between the countryside ofRomagna it enchants to expanses of flowers in spring coloured perfume the air and sea that peeps in the distance between a hill and a mountain peak.

Lovers of trekking and cycling will find here the perfect landscape and ideal climate for a ride between the gentle hills and a walk through paths and gravel roads.

Spring and autumn are the best seasons for a day trip, between the rocks and the most beautiful villages of this area as well.
From the hills to the promenade are numerous itineraries which offer stunning vistas and trails suitable for everyone.

Careful to satisfy every need of our guests we offer many facilities for cyclists: a safe shelter for bicycles to a healthy and balanced diet.
From breakfast to dinner each dish will give you the right amount of energy without forgetting the taste and the pleasure to taste typical products of Romagna tradition.

Thanks to the excellent location of our hotels you will have the opportunity to participate in major races like the Nove Colli, Cesenatico and the Granfondo Ludobussola Verdeblu held both in spring.
If necessary, our staff will advise you on the bike closest to the hotel and we will deliver local maps and guides for cyclists.

We recommend four paths to do cycling
Santarcangelo di Romagna -28 Km
Torriana and Montebello -55 Km
Verucchio -53 Km
Alta Valmarecchia -139 Km.

Those who practice trekking or simply loves long walks, even during the holidays can stay fit and take advantage of a warm and sunny autumn day for a walk with friends or family.
Hiking, nordic walking and a simple walk on the beach are the best way to keep in training.

If the day is not ideal for outdoor sports, you can reach the Mulberry, a complex with gym, swimming pool and sports facilities in Bellaria.

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