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Bellaria is a perfect town for the holidays, the tranquility of his famous Isola dei Platani is ideal for a relaxing evening stroll, enjoying the fresh air and enjoying maybe a homemade ice cream. Here you will find many shops where to shop and where to buy a souvenir of the holidays.

To visit the Borgata Vecchia, an old quarter in which small houses of fishermen were almost unchanged; here in early summer there is the Borgata dancing with the private houses that become taverns and folk music groups to dance in every corner.

Still, to see, the Saracen Tower: dating back to the seventeenth century, was commissioned by the Papal States to defend the coast from the invasions of the Turks. Inside were five soldiers and a commander, armed, ready to sound the alarm and protect the city. The upper floor of the building is now open to the Shell Museum.

Many events enliven this coastal city at any time of the year:

Bellaria Film Festival: born with the desire to give space to new talents of the Italian cinema, the Bellaria Film Festival is one of the most important film events nationwide.

Held annually in May and June and the last editions focused primarily on documentaries, both Italian and foreign.
The program is always full of events and meetings with actors and directors, there are also numerous workshops and film screenings in the course race.
The topics covered in the various competitions ranging from travel to witnesses, the production of audio documentaries to narrative techniques.

Landing of the Saracens: One of the most significant events for Bellaria Igea Marina, is held in the month of July and this is an important historical reenactment.
This event provides such a spectacular landing of at least three hundred figures in period costume, that the boats moored in the harbor reach the Borgata Vecchia, parading through the streets of the city. To accompany the procession, oriental music played by local musicians

The festival ends with the Palio del Saraceno, a horse race followed by a combat on a beam suspended in the air and a final banquet.

Do not miss the chance to taste the typical dishes of the period, rich in spices and herbs from the Orient.
To conclude this great festival is held every year, a fireworks show that enchants the audience with light and color.

Notte Rosa Bellaria for years this event is the most anticipated moment of the summer Romagna.

It is held in the first week of July and the last editions the festival has occupied no more than one night, but a whole weekend.

The program includes many concerts with the great interpreters of Italian and international music, parties on the beach, tasting of typical products of Romagna, concerts at dawn on the beach and many local events in the high sea and inns that participate with their pink menu.
To make this most scenic cities are illuminated by pink lights and decorated with drapes of fabric and decorations in the same color.

In Bellaria La Notte Rosa is dedicated especially for children, for which shows are organized, creative workshops and lots of fun.

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